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is not it? Do I need to count calories if I want to lose wei

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СообщениеДобавлено: Ср Янв 20, 2021 12:53 pm    Заголовок сообщения: is not it? Do I need to count calories if I want to lose wei Ответить с цитатой

Although slotxo
many people pay more attention to calorie counting. In order to control weight, no matter what you eat or drink, we have to calculate to know how much energy we are consuming. From every meal

But the other group disagreed with this method and stated that they disagreed with the necessity. And emphasized that even if the equipment is used in the measurement, we pay more attention to counting. Check each food you will eat. If we can't maintain the best energy consumption and energy usage levels, we will be even better.

In addition, it may affect the nature of our eating habits. Instead of having to sit down and count calories

A group of experts who disagree with calorie calculations warned that if we want to lose weight. We should consult a doctor. Or experts to analyze eating habits, exercise and our vacation activities and check stress, health issues and hormone levels that may affect weight gain. Calculating calories is not always a good idea, so:

We cannot know exactly how many calories we need in our daily lives. The correct number of weight loss we must know the rate of metabolism. The energy consumed by the body every day. This will allow us to survive to keep our body systems functioning normally, which has no fixed value and we cannot measure the exact consumption. Even with technology or expensive assistance, we will only get an estimate. In this case, we will leave the app or technology to determine the amount of food we eat

We can never be sure. How many calories does our body absorb from food? We might think that 3,300 calories equals half a kilogram of body weight. Therefore, every time we eat more than 3,500 calories, our diet will exceed what the human body needs. This causes extra weight, but not always. Because food goes through various processes, and some of these foods contain a lot of fiber, there are few things. We don't know how much our body absorbs?

The amount of calories listed on the food container. It's not very straightforward, so even if we know the number of calories we need and know the amount the body absorbs, it doesn't stop there. Because the FDA allows food manufacturers to provide data with a deviation of no more than 20%, the food label you see may be wrong. For example, a label with a calorie content of 250 Kcal can actually be as low as 200 Kcal or as high as 300 kcal.

Too busy counting calories will make us hungry. Loss of appetite We pay less attention to the overall quality of food. Boredom, stress and hunger will replace chewing. The pleasure of eating will only be eaten, because the energy of the body has been exhausted. In the long run, which of these things is bad? We should believe what the body tells us to feel, or give us more warning signs

Calorie counting can lead to wrong ideas about exercise and diet.

In 2014, England received an education. The results were published in the "Sports Medicine" magazine, because our body is very complex, so the counting of calories is not perfect. How do I know these tools and techniques when our body is getting more and more calories. How much will be stored as fat? How much is it? Or use it with other systems

If we are people who often exercise in the gym. We may spend appropriate time to calculate the shape. Eat food but still very hungry However, if we eat too much, the body must process the excess calories on its own without causing weight gain. However, if we are used to eating too much, it will make us fatter.

Therefore, instead of counting calories to lose weight, try the following methods.

When entering the supermarket, consider what you eat has nothing to do with calories. Weight loss is a holistic view of behavior and body, not just a partial view. Choose healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. And in the diet, you can feel satisfied without worrying about eating slowly. If you eat every meal in a balanced way, your body will be balanced without counting calories.[/img]
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